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New Year's Resolutions

Every year many of us make resolutions for the coming year.  Albrecht Powell, About.com identified the following list of Top 10 New Year's Resolutions.

1.       Spend More Time with Family & Friends

 2.       Fit in Fitness

 3.       Tame the Bulge

 4.       Quit Smoking

 5.       Enjoy Life More

 6.       Quit Drinking

 7.       Get Out of Debt

 8.       Learn Something New

 9.       Help Others

 10.    Get Organized

While these are all admirable what about resolutions for Human Resource Professionals?  We have spoken with a number of practitioners and from their input and from our perspective have developed the following list of 8 for your consideration:

1.       Stay Positive

As we all know and experience every day these are challenging times, look for the bright side.   Do not loose sight of your goals during difficult times, stay the course. This too shall pass!

 2.       Sharpen the saw

Make at least one professional contact every day; strive to expand your network.  Strive to learn something new every single day, continue to learn and grow. Finally do something just for you every single day.

 3.       Reevaluate your Relationships!

Have you surrounded yourself with a strong professional network? Are your vendors the best out there, or are they the comfortable choice?

 4.       Build a Talent pipeline NOW!

Be prepared, hiring has slowed, has the need to fill positions or have many just been put on hold?  While this is a smart practice for all companies, it is especially important for those with peak hiring seasons.

 5.       Get Certified!

As the job market becomes more competitive, continued education will help you stand out.  We are seeing it more and more every day, organizations are requiring PHR, SPHR, CEBS, CCP, CBP and other relevant certifications as minimum requirements for advanced positions.

 6.       Be more involved in Professional Organizations

Don't wait until you need something from the group before volunteering your time or making the effort.

 7.       Know and increase your value to the organization!

Knowing savings you've brought to the company or programs implemented that have affected the bottom line will get the attention of decision makers in the company.  Be prepared to present metrics that demonstrate your value.

 8.       Help others

Volunteer your time and expertise. Contribute to and support those that are in need.  Pay it forward


Volume 3, Issue 1       January, 2009


The Top 10 Things That Put You At Risk For Job Burnout

1.         Suffering on the job.

Source: unaware of distinction: pain vs suffering. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

2.         Feeling pushed to produce, beyond your natural limit.

Source: poor boundary-setting skills

3.         Over promising and barely keeping up.

Source: adrenaline addiction

4.         Giving too much, not getting enough back.

Source: unappreciative environment

5.         People at work exhaust/drain you.

Source: wrong environment for you

6.         Not getting ahead when you expected to.

Source: Disappointment, high expectations

7.         You lose interest in what you used to enjoy doing.

Source: You've probably outgrown it

8.         Feelings of sadness, depression.

Source: depression, disappointment

9.         Anger, withheld communications

Source: Integrity is out, perpetrations

10.        Personal Problems.

Source: Marital, addictions, etc.

Author reprint permission granted by the late Thomas J. Leonard, by Coach U, all rights reserved.

Recognizing the underlying cause of job burnout is the first step to improving you attitude, health and ultimately performance.  We all get caught up in the day to day and often respond by treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause

Collect 'Turnover Causes' With An E-Mail Box

It is more critical than ever that Human Resource professionals are aware of and proactively address voluntary turnover.  A suggestion is to dedicate a company e-mail address to employee retention. Set up the address to allow employees to post anonymous messages. Then let everyone know that you are looking for turnover causes - those policies, procedures, or problems that cause people to leave the company. You should be able to sniff out potential problems-before they start driving employees out the door.

Please keep in mind one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to set this up and then not follow up. Employees will take time to help a company if they feel the company is listening and willing to take action.

Periodically post a response to the suggestions. It will answer some underlying questions and let people know that you are paying attention.

This tactic can work for many areas in a company. Try setting up an e-mail box for hiring suggestions, performance pay, product development, quality suggestions, etc...


Winning in '09
Do You Know Where Your HR Professionals Are?

By Nancy Glube (Nancy Glube is a Human Resources Executive based in Atlanta. Nancy  can be reached at: nancy.glube@gmail.com


Perhaps they are buried under last year's projects that weren't completed due to last minute downsizing activity? Maybe they got snagged when open enrollment didn't go according to plan? Finally, could it be that they were diverted explaining how the merit increase program had to be cut based on changes in the economy?

No doubt this year promises to be equally or more challenging than 2008. Is your staff up to the challenge? Will you be able to tackle the initiatives for this year based on limited resources?  Now's a good time to take stock of your human capital. First and foremost, if you haven't already done so, this is a key opportunity to thank your team for the great work they did last year as well as pointing out where there are opportunities.  Tell them in very specific terms what they did well (or not) and the resulting impact on the business.

Take a few hours out of the day -to -day operation to huddle with your staff to hold some strategic discussion about this year's initiatives and brain storming the best tactics to ensure you get to the finish line in December with high marks. Every team member needs to understand the strategy and what their role is in making it happen.

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