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Get Off the Roller Coaster

Use temporary staffing to manage the highs and lows in your workload

It's coming--your busiest time of year.

Like climbing that monstrous first hill of a roller coaster, staffing up for your high season can bring on real anxiety. Placing ads, recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring, and training a large number of new employees--all for a few months of work--can be overwhelming. And once you get over the peak, you're sent screaming down the other side…

If, like most managers, you'd rather not "white knuckle" your way through another busy season, an HR Staffing Partner can help. The Staffing Partner provides professionals to serve as a compliment to your existing HR staff. These professionals are generally HR practitioners with extensive experience in HR and staffing. This quick article explains how using temporary employees can even out the highs and lows in your workload and how an HR Staffing Partner can be leveraged to effectively meet your seasonal needs.

  • Get the flexibility you need. Use seasonal temporaries to handle surges in demand without impacting fixed expenses. When things slow back down, you let the contingent staff go and hold onto your employees--your workforce stays lean and flexible.
  • Gain instant access to talent. You must compete with other businesses to attract the limited number of candidates looking for seasonal employment. Beat your competitors to the punch. When your busy season hits have qualified candidates ready to go to work. By contracting with a HR Staffing Partner you can also proactively recruit for specialized talent in advance of your hiring needs and utilize the research resources of a professional staffing firm. thereby enhancing the effectiveness of your Talent Acquisition function.
  • Shorten the learning curve. A staffing partner recruits workers with the specific skills and experience you require. The provider can also, at your request, develop customized orientation materials for the employees you hire. As a result, you can reduce training costs and get seasonal workers up-to-speed more quickly.
  • Eliminate bad hires, administrative and legal burdens. When a staffing partner identifies and screens your seasonal help, you can rest assured that all of your candidates are eligible for hire. They can provide you an end to end solution, including verification of eligibility for employment, drug testing, verification of previous employment, criminal background checks and (where appropriate) credit checks. The staffing partner can do this in a consistent and cost effective manner by leveraging their buying power with 3rd party providers.
  • Cut back on overtime. Temporary employees help you avoid paying higher overtime rates and eliminate the employee burn-out it causes.

Consider a planned staffing option

If your business has predictable surges in demand, support from a professional staffing partner may be right for you. Planned staffing is the strategic use of temporary employees to accommodate workloads known to vary in seasons or other cycles. You can utilize a staffing service that will provide all of the staff you require, however, this can be an expensive way to meet your needs if your seasonal demands necessitate 50 or more temporary staff. An alternative is to contract with an HR Staffing Partner who will source, recruit, interview, qualify and select appropriate candidates for temporary hire on your payroll. The plan can be customized to meet your individual needs in the most effective manner possible.

First, a staffing expert will work with you to examine year-round fluctuations in workload and identify peak demand periods. Next, the professional will create a customized staffing plan for your business. This provides temporary employees to handle your busiest times; reduces or eliminates your need to layoff employees during slow periods; and frees your Human Resources staff to focus on the other critical parts of their jobs.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

It's never too early to discuss a need with a Professional Staffing Partner. By giving your provider adequate lead-time, you optimize your chances of finding qualified candidates--especially when you need a large number of workers. So if you need temporaries in July, contact your provider a few months earlier. The sooner your provider knows about a surge in your business, the better prepared they'll be to turn a potential roller coaster ride into a mere speed bump.

If you are facing short term high volume staffing issues and would like to discuss how we might design a program specifically for your needs contact James Dyak jim@hrdracc.com or Jennifer Vilines, Jennifer@hrdracc.com or call us at (800) 251-0041.

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