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Volume 3, Issue 5       May 2009




The market for talent is changing, but how effectively are hiring professionals reacting?  Many search firms and corporations continue to utilize outdated techniques that, while commonplace in years past, do not address today's marketplace issues.  Search firms are lowering overhead and attempting to improve the bottom line by pure volume.  It's a "spaghetti" approach to recruiting - throw what you have at the wall (in this case the client) and see what sticks.  Corporations, unfortunately, are taking a similar approach - treating a search firm as a tactical partner, rather than a strategic  partner...handing out searches to dozens of firms to generate more resumes.  How well does this approach customized newsletter service - Sorrell Associates, Newsletterville.comwork?  With the increased active candidate pool, now more than ever a search must be accurate, thorough and designed with a goal in mind.

Our approach to the marketplace and client service has been evolving for several years, thanks to the input and guidance of HR Professionals and Hiring Managers. We recognize, more than ever, the critical need to develop a proactive and responsive partnership with our clients.  With this in mind we have developed a strategic partnership with Jody Weiss and The Creative Hands Group to deliver a client driven solution based on quality not quantity.  HRD, in partnership with TCHG Executive Search, are shifting this paradigm of recruiting practices and expectations. Our focus and delivery are centered on the long term needs of our candidates and our clients.

Over the last two years we have developed and tested a novel methodology that provides a quality solution that will fill our clients' most challenging talent acquisition needs within 65 days. Our searches are not industry standard.  We guarantee Retained Search levels of service with a lower investment of both time and money for our clients.  Our search process is a radical and much needed departure from standard search procedure, with the following differentiators:

  • 65 day fill time, regardless of level of opening

  • Complete team approach

  • Focus on our clients' critical needs

  • Quality

  • Retention

  • Multiple level interview process, including thorough behavioral interview

  • Targeted selection of clients and job requisitions

As a professional with hiring needs, whether internal or third party, are you seeing the best talent that is out there?  There are more active candidates in the market place than in any time in recent memory.  While that does place more talent in the market place, it doesn't ensure that you are developing the best possible candidate pool.  If you are focusing on the 9% of individuals currently unemployed, you are ignoring 91% of employed talent.  Our process targets professionals that match the profile of our clients' needs and we thoroughly screen to guarantee the client only talks to the best.


This is not the standard in the recruiting industry.  The synergies of the partnership between TCHG Executive Search and Human Resource Dimensions has empowered us to promote and deliver this new strategy and commitment to the Talent Acquisition Process.


Improve Morale - Give Employees Time Off!


Given the current state of the economy, giving your employees time off is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, not giving enough attention to this subject could come back to bite you later . . . and it might do so sooner than you think!

The reason is simple. There's a good chance that the employees you currently have are anxious and apprehensive at the moment. With layoff figures and unemployment numbers in the headlines just about every week, it's only natural that they carry some trepidation with them to their job. The problem is that you need them at the top of their game in order to put their talent and skills to the best possible use.

This is why you should ensure your employees take time off, especially their vacation time. If they are well rested and refreshed, then you'll reap the benefits upon their return:

  • Company culture - A more relaxed atmosphere contributes to a better culture within the company. Employees, like everybody else, are intrinsically drawn to people and/or things that help them to reduce the stress in their lives. Your company could be one of those things.
  • Productivity - Employees are more productive when they're rested and relaxed, not when they're frazzled and feel worn out.
  • Loyalty - A relaxed atmosphere, a better company culture, more productivity...it all leads to more loyalty within the ranks.
  • Retention- This is the ultimate payoff. One day, the economy is going to turn around and some employees might be tempted to sample what they believe might be greener pastures. However, they'll remember your investment in their peace of mind and resist temptation.

During tough economic times, improving morale is often difficult to accomplish. However, by focusing your efforts on helping your employees take the time off they need, you'll not only improve morale, you'll also improve productivity.

That's a combination that's tough to beat!

Copyright protected, all rights reserved worldwide. ©2009 Gary Sorrell



Developing Confidence


Confidence is a critical ingredient to your growth and development. You develop self- confidence by creating success. Through your goals you can provide for frequent successes. Set short term goals in the beginning. Experience often the satisfaction of moving a 'Short Term Goal' to the 'Goal Accomplished' area of your daily planner or other tracking device. People who have well-defined goals in life develop confidence through achieving those goals. Thus, they are always better prepared to confront new situations, and achieve higher goals. As you achieve goals, and feel the satisfaction of achievement, your confidence in your abilities is enhanced as is your potential to achieve more and higher goals.

Lack of confidence also stems from our inability to visualize successfully doing whatever it is we want to do. Careful planning, specific action steps, and affirmations help you to clearly plan exactly how and why you can achieve your goals. It focuses your imagination on the positive rather than the negative.

Confidence is the key ingredient to any plan. It is part of the solution to every obstacle you have identified in your goal. Fortunately, confidence is a limitless resource; the more you use of it, the more there is to use. However, there is a price to be paid. To 'use' confidence requires involvement: only through involvement (and consequent testing and confrontation) are boundaries pushed back and fears overcome. To take goal setting seriously guarantees that you will need to increase your confidence. To take goal setting seriously also guarantees that you will increase your confidence.

Reference source: Resource Associates Corporation, Supervisory Development Program. Copyright protected worldwide. Adapted by Sorrell Associates, LLC



"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."
-Ryunosuke Sattoro

"Accept challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."
-George Patton

"There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing."
- Brian Tracy

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