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At RA Clark Consulting we have one focus...HR

Based in Atlanta, RA Clark is a national executive search and contract service firm committed exclusively to human resources. Since our founding in 1991, that's been our sole focus. And in that time, we've never wavered from our mission:

  • Helping clients excel in business endeavors
  • Advancing the careers of candidates
  • Enriching the HR profession

Proven. Responsive. Flexible.
The right-sizing of the early '90s.
The dot.com bubble of the late '90s.
The downturn of the post-9/11 era.

The downturn of 2008 & 2009

The new decade and the renewed war for talent.

Through the economic ups and downs of the past decade and a half, we have helped businesses boost their productivity and sustain a competitive advantage. We do it for Fortune 500s and not-for-profits alike, for regional service companies and tech start-ups.

A trusted ally.

Our successful history of conducting national HR searches makes RA Clark a powerful ally in talent acquisition. Our national database of top-notch candidates can be tapped at a moment's notice.

We'll locate a prime candidate for every type of HR position. From field jobs to hard-to-find VP-level positions to entire HR departments. For interim assignments or regular full time hires.

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