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"When I relocated to Atlanta six years ago I was referred to HRD. After meeting with their account representatives, I was placed as the HR director of a publicly traded IT company. Since then, I have used HRD contractors to help me with our annual performance review and implementation of our ATS."

"I was downsized when my company was acquired by an out-of-state competitor. I hadn't looked for a position in so long I didn't even have a resume. With HRD's help, I landed a job as a regional HR director, working from home with an international food products corporation."

"Several months after contacting HRD about the two markets I was targeting, I received an e-mail that they had found an ideal position. My phone interview led to a visit to corporate, which led to an offer. Today, I'm the director of compensation and benefits for an international electronics manufacturer."

"I was the manager of field training with a national retailer when I got a search call from HRD. It was a great opportunity, but I was happy in my position. The people at HRD understood my reluctance, so they arranged a meeting with the company's CEO. We clicked. What they needed and what I wanted was a perfect match.

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