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Resources to assist HR Professionals with all aspects of their job including links to other valuable resources. Please click on a box below to be redirected to the appropriate resources.


Managing for Retention

Never before has it been so critical to focus on strategies for keeping good employees. Yet, employers are finding that solving the issue of high turnover is no easy matter.


Managing Diversity:  Meeting the Needs of Work Force 2020

Organizations are responding to the diverse needs of their employees in a number of different ways.  Outlined here are some ideas that might be adopted as a means to introduce diversity.


101 Ideas for Recruiting the Employees You Want

When beginning to search for your next top performer we all have ideas on the type of employee we would like. However finding that employee can be easier said than done. This article provides you with 101 ideas on how to get your next dream employee.


Why Interviews Fail

The best possible recruiting plans are useless if good candidates are being lost because of problems during the interviewing process.

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